Haere Mai! Kia Ora, Benvenuti and welcome.  Roomservice Media is a professional, production company based in Auckland, New Zealand… don’t let our location mislead you at all, as we work on both local as well as international projects.

Roomservice Media was founded in 2008 when John Gray decided to turn his passion of anything to do with sound and IT consultancy, mixing them into a business.  The name of the company is a reference to the fact that John was primarily hired to provide services at the client’s facilities, be it for location audio, IT infrastructure advise or media training services, just like a proper room service! 

Rolling through the years, a lot of our clients were asking to mix and edit more specialised audio files and as video projects were increasing,  the natural progression was to expand into producing the moving picture bit as well.    At this point, Roomservice Media became a family of two 🙂  With a strong background in the film industry covering several roles since the year 2000 back in Europe and NZ, Alessandra Mele then came onboard in 2011 with her video production, production management and eyes for detail. 

Since then, Roomservice Media has been able to offer a variety of services.  We can cater for outright audio and video production from concept to end delivery.  Professional development on anything from iMovie to Adobe Premiere and GarageBand to Pro Tools and Logic.  Last but not least, as cloud services have become more prominent in recent years, IT consultancy with a focus on site wide digital strategies, systems integration and database management and have proven invaluable for some of our clients.

Finally, we also provide media training sessions that we customise according to our clientele needs and requests.

Get in touch if you have a video project to research, develop, film and edit. We’ll do that for you!

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