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Welcome to the training room, the home of professional development.

“Technology moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss a software update.”

The story is no doubt familiar, the price of devices and software has come down yet the accessibility and capability of the tools has gone up.   The interfaces have become more streamlined, there are online resources to fill in gaps of personal knowledge and yet…. sometimes, don’t you just wish someone could still show you the ropes, steer you away from the pitfalls and just generally, have done the hard work for you!?

Well, Shazam!  We at Roomservice Media have been conducting professional development services for over 15 years and can organise training sessions to cover a variety of applications.   Our training specialities focus on Apple products and include, but are not limited to, multimedia applications, tutorial videos and the integration of mobile devices in education.

Our training menu listed below details the selection of ‘off the shelf’ courses we have on offer, however,  please feel free to get in touch as we are more than happy to customise any training to accommodate your needs.

In addition to our own course menu, we are also certified members of the Apple Consultants Network and are therefore eligible to offer courses directly from Apple’s own extensive training catalogue.

From our experience, most of our clients prefer to have the training conducted on their own premises.  Not only is it a more efficient use of time for those being trained, but bearing witness to how new technology and workflow techniques translate to a known working environment on equipment staff are already familiar with is an incredibly powerful message not to be underestimated.  If training offsite is of interest to you, however, we can provide you with a venue.

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